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Carolina Diaz
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Travis (one night stand)
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Shared centric episode
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Carolina Maria Diaz
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Got pushed into a bear trap by Amy Hughes
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Marta Diaz - Mother
Hector Diaz - Father

Carolina Maria "Cricket" Diaz is one of the main characters on Dead of Summer.


Early Life

Cricket had some insecurities about her weight before she went to camp as a counselor and was best friends with Blair. She eventually caught her dad Hector cheating on her mother with their neighbor. She told her mother Marta but found out she already knew. ("Mix Tape")

Season 1

TBA - ("Patience")

TBA - ("Barney Rubble Eyes")

TBA - ("Mix Tape")

TBA - ("Modern Love")

Cricket hosts the overnight. She also warns people of the various traps around camp. As Cricket goes to meet Alex at night, she is pushed into one of the bear traps by someone in a mask.  ("How to Stay Alive in the Woods")


Season 1

The rest of the counselors use what appears to be an Ouija board to talk to Cricket. Cricket's spirit tells the counselors that she was pushed into the bear trap. ("The Dharma Bums")

Cricket's spirit tells Jessie that it is up to her to save everyone by throwing Holyoke's bones in the lake. ("The Devil Inside")


  • Cricket was the first main character to die.
  • Casting describes her as "better known by her nickname 'Cricket' because she likes to chirp, Carolina joins her old gang of camp friends as a counselor at Camp Stillwater".[1]


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.


  1. Amber Coney Joins 'Dead Of Summer'; Brandon Kyle Goodman In 'Sunset PPL' by Denise Petski, February 8, 2016,

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