• Everthevillain

    Wiki To-Do List

    December 20, 2015 by Everthevillain
    • Fix Development section in dos page
    • Fix the chat
    • Portal S1
    • Replace actors infoboxes
    • Find out all of the filming dates 
    • Character appearances page
    • Jesse Hutch
    • Cricket's infobox
    • fix refs like in ouat wiki
    • gary's promo pics
    • delete caitlin riley's pic if she doesnt appear
    • Campers category
    • Cast Appearances
    • Timeline, list of deaths,
    • portals for supporting, minors and episodic characters
    • Stillwater, Wisconsin
    • Infoboxes without images
    • what to call before season 1 on location pages such as camp stillwater
    • Deceased character portal key
    • Season 1 series plot on dos page after season finale
    • add bts and promo pics
    • crew pages credits, roles and sumarries
    • Patience
    • Fix season 1 page
    • Category for satanists
    • Tiera Sko…
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